Renter Rules

Please, go over these rules with everyone in your group, at the beginning of your stay. We hope you have an enjoyable vacation on beautiful Glen Lake! ​

  • There is to be no smoking inside either cottage.  No trailers or campers may be parked on the property.​
  • No pets of any kind are permitted at any time. Be reasonably quiet between 10pm and 8am. 
  • Cars are to be parked only in the designated spaces – Hemlock is to the left of the drive past the kennel and Aspen is at the end of the drive on the right.
  • Each cottage has two assigned spaces. When parking, always pull your car into the parking spaces as far forward as possible.  This makes it easier for everyone to turn around in the driveways so that they can avoid backing into other cars (not a good idea!).
  • Be courteous and respectful of other guests and our neighbors and their property.
  • Help us take care of our “country plumbing.” Please use only “septic-safe” toilet tissue. Nothing can be put into the septic system that will resist decomposition or upset the chemical balance. The most troublesome items are wet-wipes (even when marked flushable), facial tissues, paper towels, disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, any other wet-strength paper products and coffee grounds. Do not put any drain openers of any kind in the drains.
  • Please turn electric heat units and fans completely off when they are not needed.
  • Put all refuse (garbage, papers, cans) into plastic bags, and fasten the bags shut securely. Take the bags to the Duck Club and place them in one of the 3 large wheeled refuse carts.  Do not leave refuse bags anywhere in the open… our rascally Racoons will find them!  Please wheel the refuse carts to the roadside on Wednesday mornings and return them to the Duck Club after they have been emptied.  ​
  • ​If you use the fireplace, do not leave the cottage unattended unless the fire is completely out. While you are there, we ask that you keep the fire screen closed at all times.
  • Please be sure to close windows and doors and lock the cottage whenever you are away. Summer storms can come up with little warning. Please be careful that you don’t lock yourself out without the key. This is easy to do (we’ve done it). Ask one of the owners for a key.  ​
  • No open fires are permitted on the beach or grounds except within the fire pit that is provided. Do not clean the fire ring by shoveling ashes onto the beach.

Boat & Lakefront Rules

  • The area between the shore and the drop-off is a “no-wake” zone intended primarily for swimmers. All boats are to be moored on the provided tie-downs. 
  • No one may tie a boat to the dock for more than a 15-minute period for loading or unloading. You must avoid damage to our dock from contact with your boat.
  • If you bring your own boat, you must use the provided moorings during your stay, not tie-down at the docks.​
  • Please use care around the lakefront area and while swimming.  Young children are not allowed to be on the docks or in the water alone and unsupervised.  
  • You are invited to use the 2 docks with benches on it.  Please do not overload the dock with more than four people at a time. 
  • If you carry a chair out on the dock, avoid damaging the wood dock surface.  Return any lounges or chairs onshore when you leave the dock.
  • Please help us take care of the beach furniture and the “Corn-Hole” game.
  • Please help us keep the beach area clean by picking up and properly disposing of bottles, cans, and litter.  
  • Do not leave any beach toys, towels, coolers, or other items on the lakefront when you are not using them. 

Cancellation Policy

6 months or more – 100% Deposit refund
3 months or more – 75% Deposit refund
1 month or more – 25% Deposit refund
Less than 1 month – No Deposit refund


CONTACT Agape Vacation Rentals with any booking, cancellation or rental questions.
Eric R. Haan, General Manager at and (231) 383-1180